Tuition for Our Child Care in Lancaster, TX

Tuition for our child care in Lancaster, TX, is payable in advance on Monday at the beginning of the week. Tuition is for renting space weekly for your child. Tuition is due even if your child is absent the entire week. If you like to pay tuition on a daily basis, please inform the Director or Assistant Director at the time of enrollment. Parents may purchase additional time at the cost of $10 per hour if you’re unable to pick your child up on time. If your child needs to come to the center before 6:00 am, there will be a $10 charge for each hour before 6:00 am.


Invest In Childhood Development

Early childhood education is an essential building block for the successful student of tomorrow. Our establishment is more than a standard daycare center in that our hours are geared towards those that work for a living. Parents need childcare services that are accessible during their unusual hours. We’re here for you and your family, 24-hours a day.


Parents can do what they need to succeed at their jobs with the understanding that their child is always in a safe and nurturing environment. That ensures a stable home environment for the child. Our payment frequency options also give the parent greater flexibility in managing their lives and hectic schedules.


Payment Options That Fit Your Schedule

Every parent knows that work can sometimes go long. Management professionals understand that early meetings are a part of the job. When you have a schedule change that may require child care earlier in the morning or later at night, we have you covered. Our school offers per-hour tuition options for the early morning and later evening.


Talk to Mr. Mack or any member of his team today to learn more about admissions and our tuition payment options. We’re eager to tell you all about our approach to caring for your child and ensuring they are prepared for everything ahead.


If you have any questions, please contact us today.