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Ways to Make Learning Fun: Childhood Development Begins at Home

You have raised your child since birth, so you know them better than anyone else. From day to day, you see your son or daughter learn new things and develop new skills. They learn about the world around them by observing, touching, and listening. The changes you see indicate that your home is your child's first school. As their parent, you can be the guiding force for your child's early childhood development in DeSoto, TX.

Does your child love picture books? Reading to them helps stimulate their minds and cultivate their natural curiosity. Additionally, when you read to a child, they typically want to learn to read for themself. Reading also helps young children build a rudimentary vocabulary.

Playtime can also be a learning experience for children and a way to promote early childhood development. Games that involve numbers are known to boost the cognitive skills of little ones. And memory games that use shapes and symbols help children focus and learn how to identify similarities and differences in items.

These activities and others give your daughter or son a head start on learning. When they enter a preschool, they are already ahead of their classmates. For more ideas and activities to do at home, speak with your child’s teacher.

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