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Always Include Good Hygiene Habits in Daily Rituals

Children that receive instruction in healthy hygiene habits at a young age are much more likely to continue to practice them for a lifetime. Parents and daycares in Desoto, TX, can play a very important role in reinforcing these lifelong healthy practices. Healthy hygiene promotes healthy bodies. This will ensure your child will experience less missed school and fewer visits to the doctor. An added benefit is that your child will not have to take antibiotics as often. When parents practice healthy habits, their children will model this behavior and develop these healthy habits for themselves.

Daycare Centers in Desota, TX, Teach Proper Handwashing for Kids

Proper handwashing technique is a daily habit that should be taught to children at a young age. Daycare centers and parents in Desoto, TX, should remember that teaching kids in fun and easy-to-remember ways is simplified when it is presented as a series of five simple steps.

  • Wet

  • Lather Up

  • Scrub

  • Rinse Completely

  • Dry Thoroughly

Making the steps fun by creating a song or story and including prompts during the day at key times like before eating and after a restroom trip will complement the proper washing techniques. For additional tips and suggestions, reach out to your child’s daycare or teachers to see how they address proper handwashing in school.

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