Before admissions your child will need:

An enrollment form containing your child’s name, birth date,

home address and home telephone number

Name and address of parents and telephone numbers at

which they can be reached while the child is in care

For school age children, the name of the school, phone

number, and date of admission

Name of people to whom the child may be released

Hours the child will be in the center

Name, address and telephone number of the child’s physician

along with a statement signed by the doctor

A statement of your child’s special needs

Emergency medical authorization

T. B. skin test for your child

A signed Parent’s guide for day care

Immunizations as required by the Texas Health Department

Child nutrition program application

If you change jobs, your address or your telephone numbers, please notify us immediately so that we may update our records. This is very important in case of an emergency.

The completion and execution of any forms and the payment of any tuition timely or in advance is not a guarantee of enrollment. A child may be refused enrollment or may be disenrolled at anytime, with or without notice if it is in the best interest of Peaceful Images or the safety of other children.

 Registration Fee: $50

$10.00 per hour for care before 6:00am and after 7:00pm

24 hours Monday- Friday