Daycare & After School Care in Lancaster, TX
Serving the Communities of Lancaster & Desoto, TX, in Early Childhood Development.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Peaceful Images. We’d love to talk to you about elevating the way your child learns about the world. Just like you, we want them to reach their full potential, and our daycare in Desoto, TX, is here to help.

Individualized Attention


Our daycare and after-school care programs offer a dynamic approach to early childhood development that supports your child as an individual while providing educational experiences. Children's safety, care, and schooling are our priority, and we take our responsibilities very seriously. There is no better time introducing a child to the learning process than when their minds are open to new information.


Ask About Our Programs


We believe the greatest gift we can bestow is the love of discovery, and our child care programs provide a balanced introduction to schooling and structured education. There is nothing more valuable to us than helping to develop the minds and hearts of the future.


Here For You & Your Child


Your life is busy, and not everyone has a nine-to-five schedule, so contact us if you work late, start early, or need overnight care. We’d love to discuss how we can help develop your child’s early education at our daycare. 

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Child Care - Lancaster, TX

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