Early Childhood Development in Lancaster, TX

Day Care in Lancaster and DeSoto, TX

About Us:

At Peaceful Images, our mission for early child development in Lancaster, TX, is to foster self-esteem, self-confidence, competence on self-help skills and those inner controls and language abilities necessary for effective social interaction. We want to encourage children to feel good about themselves as a consequence of their own achievements. We also support children in their active exploration and to help them become self-confident, independent, and inquisitive learners.

Our child development programs are designed to place your child in a “peaceful environment” with a one-on-one relationship with the staff, which will develop the whole child. Our program is carefully planned to provide quality care and education for young children by providing opportunities for mental, social, and physical growth.


Our approach recognizes the uniqueness of each child and provides for individualized experiences to help each child reach his or her maximum potential. The daily schedule is organized to meet each child’s needs for a balance of active and quiet play, small group interaction, and indoor and outdoor activities.


Your child’s welfare is our main interest. Our goals are to prepare your child for the 1st grade. We teach ABC’s, shapes, colors, numbers and work with their motor skills. Please feel free to request a conference with us whenever you feel the need. We understand the conditions of today requiring both parents to work. We understand the concern of parents leaving their children with any day or home care organization. We offer a family atmosphere that your children are familiar with. We along with your participation are committed to ensuring your child's proper growth.


Our curriculum  for child education in Lancaster, TX is designed to address the specific needs of each age and stages in a child’s development. The goals of our program are to help children develop a positive sense of self, be active and creative explorers and in the process become enthusiastic learners. Our curriculum addresses goals in all areas of child development. Contact us at 972.227.7877, today, for more information.